Gowan Company Announces Registration of New Rice Herbicide for California Growers

25 April 2017

Gowan Company, along with partners SDS Biotech and Nissan, are pleased to announce that the innovative rice herbicide benzobicyclon and the end use product BUTTE®, have received Section 3 registration

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Permit® WG Herbicide Now Registered on Volunteer Canola

23 March 2017

Winnipeg, MB - (March 23, 2017) - Gowan Canada is pleased to announce that volunteer canola has been added to the Permit® WG Herbicide label in time for the spring of 2017.

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Gowan USA Introduces Nexter SC Miticide/Insecticide

13 February 2017

OVERLAND PARK, KS - (February 13, 2017) - With U.S. EPA registration, Gowan USA announced today the introduction of a new powerful formulation for their miticide / insecticide brand Nexter®.

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Gowan USA Announces Mettle 125ME Fungicide Label Expansion

31 January 2017

OVERLAND PARK, KS (January, 2017) - Gowan USA announced today the Federally approved label expansion of Mettle® 125ME Fungicide to include the crop groups fruiting vegetables and cucurbits.

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Gowan and Isagro Enter License and Supply Agreement for Kiralaxyl

18 November 2016

MILAN AND HARPENDEN - (Nov 18, 2016) - A License and Supply Agreement was finalized yesterday between Isagro and Gowan Crop Protection Limited for the long term marketing and development of the propri

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