Envidor CA miticide, powdered by the active ingredient spirodiclofen, is a broad-spectrum miticide with activity on key mite pests across many crop groups. Envidor is active against all stages of mites, including eggs, nymphs, and female adults, and has very strong residual activity. 

Label Features

  • Active Ingredient: Spirodiclofen
  • IRAC: Group 23
  • Signal Word: Caution
  • REI: 12 hours
  • Tree Nuts Application Rate: 30 - 34 fl oz/A
    • Use higher dosage when mite population density is extreme and environmental conditions favor continued, prolonged infestation pressure 
  • Tree Nuts PHI: 7 days


  • Efficacy across many key mtie families incluidng tetranychid, tarsonemid and eriophyid mites
  • Compatible for use in IPM programs due to low impact on many beneficial insects
  • Strong residual activity
  • Effective as a preventative application or as populations are building
  • It is recommended that a spreader or sticker (not a penetrant) is added to the tank mix with Envidor CA 

Envidor CA LABEL

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